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      Try hands-off cooking with a pressure cooker or slow cooker from Sears

      Replace the sauce pan with a slow cooker and create yummy homemade meals in a new way. Slow cookers cook your meal all day on low heat without using an open flame. Sears' selection of slow cookers comes in different sizes to accommodate any size family or use. Small slow cookers are great for making tailgate dips or individual meals while larger slow cookers can create an entree for the whole family. For parties, serve up multiple dishes in a triple slow cooker or warming tray; these slow cookers allow you to keep food warm and covered for buffet-style dining.

      However, if you're in need of a quick meal, use the power of steam to your advantage and grab a pressure cooker. Because of the buildup of heat and pressure, the steam cooks your food thoroughly. Some recipes even allow you to cook whole meals in your pressure cooker at once to help minimize mess. Whether you're just giving the veggies a quick steam or using the pressure cooker canner to seal up food for preservation, it's easy to use. Once you're done, simply stow away the electric pressure cooker, like you would a coffee grinder, and dinner is served.

      Get a new slow cooker or pressure cooker, and serve up healthy and delicious family meals. Sears' selection offers you a variety of slow cookers with varying functions and sizes. Find the slow cooker that suits your lifestyle the best.


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