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Warm up your kitchen with tea kettles and brewers

Whether you want to recharge with a cup of coffee or prepare the perfect pot of tea, the right kettle will help you brew up your favorite hot beverages. Stovetop kettles are convenient and easy to maintain for any kitchen. Electric kettles are great for busy lifestyles, keeping water warm for hours and helping you boil water quickly for all kinds of recipes. Sears has tea kettles and brewers to help you warm up with a hot drink any time.

If your kitchen is short on counter space, you may not be able to make room for another small appliance such as an electric kettle. A stovetop kettle fits in any kitchen and will look great sitting on your range when it's not in use. Compared to electric kettles, stovetop models come in the widest variety of designs and colors to match the style of your other kitchen serveware. These kinds of tea kettles and brewers are also the easiest to clean and maintain. Electric kettles can develop mineral deposits that need to be periodically removed, compared to stovetop kettles that you can wash just like the rest of your pots and pans.

Taking just a few minutes to boil, electric kettles are the fastest way to heat water. Some electric tea kettles and brewers include preset temperature options for different varieties of tea. Therefore, when you want to enjoy a certain kind of tea, you can set the kettle and focus on other tasks around the house instead of monitoring the temperature. Along with a good coffee grinder, an electric kettle can help you quickly make a delicious cup of French press coffee. These versatile appliances can also make much more than hot drinks. You can boil water quickly to prepare soups, instant noodles and oatmeal without a microwave, or get a quick start on pasta and many other dishes in the kitchen.

In offices and dorms where access to a stovetop might be limited, electric kettles are a great idea. You can always have tea or coffee on hand at your desk without relying on the microwave. Many models are cordless, so you can carry the kettle anywhere once the water has boiled. Students can safely and easily heat up water for food and drinks, and auto-shutoff features will let them focus on their studies without worrying about a kettle overheating.

The right kettle will help you make hot drinks the way you like them every time. Get your tea kettle or brewer at Sears and warm up with the perfect cup today.


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