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      Preserve your food and save money with vacuum sealers

      If you've ever decided to skip a recipe because fresh ingredients spoiled or you didn't have room for extra leftovers, a vacuum sealer can simplify meal planning and food storage. These convenient appliances from Sears completely remove the air and moisture from sturdy storage bags, eliminating the factors that can cause food to break down or become freezer burned. Stored food can be frozen for long periods of time and still be reheated to flavorful perfection.

      Vacuum food storage makes money saving strategies for the kitchen like buying in bulk more practical. You can seal up extra quantities of fresh produce or raw meat for storage in the freezer, and you can even vacuum seal dry ingredients such as rice and other grains. This will completely protect them from pests, and they'll keep longer without going stale in humid weather. With vacuum stored ingredients, you'll enjoy having a variety of options on hand to inspire new culinary ideas.

      Eating leftovers can save money and time spent cooking, but it can also feel like a chore to eat the same meal for several days. With a vacuum sealer, you won't need to have any second thoughts about trying out a new appliances like a rotisserie with a recipe that makes a few extra portions. Just seal the leftovers in vacuum storage bags so you can enjoy a meal like new in a few days or a couple of weeks. With a vacuum sealer, you can stock up a rotating menu of enjoyable dishes for the whole month.

      Vacuum food storage bags are a cost-effective way to store foods. You can reheat dishes simply by boiling or simmering them still in the bag. Since there's no extra air taking up space in the bag, they'll efficiently pack into a smallertop freezer refrigerator. However, some foods like crispy cookies or soft fruits could be crushed in a bag as the powerful vacuum draws out air. For these dishes, you can use vacuum storage canisters that retain their shape and still maintain a completely airless environment. These containers are a great way to securely ship holiday sweets to distant relatives or a care package of homemade favorites to a student away at college.

      You can be more confident in planning homemade meals with a vacuum sealer. You won't have to worry about missed opportunities to cook that lead to spoiled ingredients, or leftovers going bad. Pick up a vacuum food storage system at Sears and spend less time throwing out food from your fridge or pantry and more time enjoying great meals.


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