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Vacuum Sealers

Wasting food means wasting money. But all too often leftovers spoil in the refrigerator or lose flavor and nutrition in the freezer. The solution is vacuum sealers, electrical appliances that package food anaerobically for safe storage. Studies show that leftovers stored in vacuum-sealed bags last up to five times longer than food stored in conventional plastic bags. Thanks to modern technology, vacuum sealers are available for home use, at reasonable prices. Sears offers its own (Kenmore) models and many other fine brands -- plus a large assortment of the bags and plastic wrap needed for the sealers.
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Make Meals Last with Sears Vacuum Sealers

You never need to toss out leftovers if you have a vacuum sealer handy. Now, its simple to bag and seal foods in an instant for air-tight storage and freezing. It is well worth putting affordable vacuum sealers on your next Sears order. We have several vacuum sealer products available, including adjustable quantity roll sealers. Another way to get the benefits of vacuum sealing is with a canister system. Air is vacuumed out of the stackable, space saving canisters without damaging tender foods. This system can also be used for quickly marinating meats. Sears leads the way with small kitchen appliances that help you make meals last. For a final touch, finish each meal with a fresh cup of freshly brewed Keurig coffee. Keurig is one of our leading coffee makers because it allows you to enjoy one serving at a time.

Ethnic cooking is not only fun to do, but it satisfies most appetites. With Sears' vast collection of ethnic cooking appliances, you can make delicious foods from your favorite pick of international recipes. Tortilla makers, rice steamers, woks and other special machines that help you make ethnic foods have made meal planning more exciting. Now, you can serve Mexican, Asian, Indian or European favorites just as easily as your standard American foods. Speed cook with a microwave or take your time for grilling, steaming or barbecuing at home. Its nice to know that you can find the special small kitchen appliances you need to make foods of the world at Sears.

Small kitchen appliances are some of the most desirable gifts. Imagine how hard it would be to make fresh meals without a small microwave or a good mixer. Bread makers, blenders and ethnic food machines are affordable and small enough to fit in any kitchen cabinet, so you can enjoy having many choices when its time for meal planning. Sears also has all the attachments and accessories that you need to enhance your selections. We carry a full line of replacement parts too, so you can extend the lifetime of your treasured small kitchen appliances.

Make the most of meal preparation with our extensive selection of small kitchen appliances. We have the right appliances you need to make delicious and authentic ethnic meals, preserve leftovers and to give as gifts to special friends. When you order from Sears, we will deliver to you or have your purchases waiting for pick up at any of our stores.



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