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      If you're low on space, an all-in-one washer dryer is the perfect space saving option. Washer and dryer combo units are compact and work great in townhomes and apartments where extra room is at a premium. The new features in these units make them quieter, more efficient and more durable than older models. Many come with adjustable leg stands so you can set them at the best height for you. When your laundry basket is full, you only have to toss your dirty clothes into one machine, and you're good to go. Sears has combo washer dryers to save on space and still give you the cleaning power you need.

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      Get cleaning power in a compact washer and dryer combo

      Not every home has room for a standard washer and dryer set. A washer and dryer combo will give you the functionality of both units in one compact appliance. Their ventless, self-contained drying system makes them perfect for small places. Their ability to handle large loads means less time spent doing laundry and more time doing the things you love.

      Modern combo washer dryers are more efficient than their predecessors. With fewer moving parts, these machines have reduced energy intake and can be less likely to malfunction. Sears carries many models that have SmartDiagnosis features. This will let service centers troubleshoot your unit over the phone or via an app on your smart device. Speeds that can reach 1400 RPM will make for faster dry times. Anti-vibration systems will help your combo washer and dryer run more quietly so you don't have to deal with the floor shaking when you begin to dry your clothes.

      Running to the Laundromat is a hassle that can be avoided. Just because you have a small place doesn't mean you need to sacrifice the luxury of in-unit laundry. Sears have a variety of all-in-one washer dryers to help you knock out that mound of dirty clothes sitting in your hamper.


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