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Save space and get clothes clean with laundry centers

Laundry centers do a very good job cleaning and drying clothes. They use the same dirt-fighting technology used in many full-size units but on a smaller scale. You will find your favorite wash cycles, high-speed spin that reduces drying time and temperature and drying time settings. Their compact footprint makes laundry centers a popular choice wherever space is tight. As you browse your options from Kenmore, Frigidaire and other top brands, consider features best suited to your needs. Most stacked units use electricity to dry, and that's a convenient option where a 240V line is in place. Some are gas dryers, and they will reduce your monthly utility costs compared to electric. If your time is limited like your space, consider one of the centers that allows you to use the components simultaneously.

If you're looking for other space-saving options, you may want to browse all-in-one washer and dryers that takes every load from dirty to dry in one unit. These are electric appliances that only require a 120V outlet, a water inlet and a drain. They do not need to be vented for exhaust or moisture. The front-loading, tumbling wash action gets clothes clean with less water. Some are equipped with internal heaters that boost the water temperature to an NSF-certified sanitizing level. A model with a sanitary cycle is a great choice in homes with young children or in medical or dental offices for laundering scrubs. You'll enjoy the same range of washer and dryer cycles you would with separate machines.

Enthusiasts of green ways to clean and those on the go will love self-powered washers like the Laundry POD. The only energy it uses is yours. You crank the handle and physics does the rest. The spinning and agitation motion forces water and detergent through the clothes to lift away dirt and odors. Each load requires 1-2 minutes of agitation. The portable POD can be used on any garment, but it is ideal for delicates.

No matter what machine you use, Sears has the laundry care products that will leave clothes clean and smelling fresh. The lineup starts with stain removers that can lift out tough stains and save your garments. You will find your favorite brand of hard-working detergent for your standard or HE machine. Fabric softener, freshener and static control products put the finishing touches on every load. You will also find a great selection of gadgets like retractable clothes lines, mesh barrel hampers and mini ironing boards.

If laundry space is limited where you live or work, we can help. When you browse our all-in-one sets and units, you'll find the perfect fit for the room you have. Shop Sears today for great laundry appliances that come in small packages.

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