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      Use coin-operated dryers in shared laundry rooms

      You know that coin operated dryers are a common sight in college dormitories and also in apartment buildings. If you own a duplex or live in a space where you share your laundry room with another individual or family, install this type of dryer to recoup the cost of maintaining and later on replacing the unit. Consider a Kenmore appliance. This type of dryer comes as a gas or electric model.

      Depending on the types of coin-operated dryers that you check out, you will find that they have enough space for a good-sized load of laundry. Venting options include standard back openings. The manufacturer may cap the fee per cycle. It is not unusual for you to find machines that allow for a $2 charge. To save money in areas where electricity is expensive, consider buying the gas model as opposed to the electric version of the dryer.

      Gas dryers are also a good investment for your personal home. You have the option of choosing a model that doubles the capacity you usually associate with coin-operated models. The wide variety of designs makes these appliances excellent choices when you are trying to find a model to complement a washing machine you already own. In some cases, mixing and matching clothes-washing appliances can make your laundry room quite attractive looking.

      Another nice-looking option for you is the purchase of all-in-one washer and dryers. These units do not demand the setup of external venting and simply plug into a standard wall outlet. If your laundry room is very small or you are trying to squeeze laundry capabilities into an unusual space, these appliances make it possible to accomplish this goal. Look to LG and other famous manufacturer names for providing you with top all-in-one washer and dryers.

      If you do have sufficient room to add a standard washing machine, think about the advantages of top load washers. Invest in a high-efficiency model to save money on operations while still achieving an excellent cleaning level. Low-decibel washers cut down on the amount of noise you hear while doing a load of laundry. Since top load washers do not require a room opening that lines up with the appliance perfectly, you can use them in laundry spaces where the door opening is just a bit on the small side.

      Sears stocks a wide variety of coin-operated dryers and other clothes-washing appliances. Check out the savings that bundling appliances can provide you for personal use. When space is at a premium, Sears offers additional options for you. Shop at Sears today and enjoy a highly functional laundry room tonight. If you are buying the commercial dryer, know that your tenants will enjoy the new amenity this evening.


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