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Laundry Center vs All in One

Laundry Centers vs. All-in-One Washer and Dryers

If you're looking for a new washer and dryer but don't have a lot of space, two options that might work for your home are a laundry center and an all-in-one washer and dryer. Both of these laundry units combine a washer and dryer in one space-saving design, allowing you to fit them in small spaces such as closets... read more

Laundry Center vs All in One

Buying a Washer

Today's clothes washers come with a laundry list of impressive features, wash cycles and other options. Whether you're replacing an old clunker, upgrading to a newer model or stocking your very first laundry room, you'll need to learn what these new features do before you make your decision... read more

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Invest in specialty laundry care products from Sears

Whether you own a coin-operated laundry facility or need a washer for your home, Sears carries a full range of name-brand appliances and laundry care products. Save space in your laundry room with an LG all-in-one washer and dryer unit. It plugs into any standard electrical outlet, and it doesn't require external venting. A Kenmore laundry center saves you floor space, as it stacks the dryer on top of the washing machine. You also have coin-operated dryers for use in an apartment complex, a dorm room or a public laundry room.

Depending on your preference, you have the choice between electric and gas dryers. Despite their similarities, you may prefer a gas dryer in the end because it dries your clothes more quickly. Kenmore Elite dual-sensor gas dryers provide up to 7.3 cubic feet of interior space for drying more clothes at a time. It also has Wrinkle Guard technology that prevents wrinkles during each drying cycle. Some gas dryers have antibacterial cycles, such as the Kenmore and Maytag steam dryers.

Consider the environment when you wash your clothing, and invest in eco-friendly detergent that contains zero chlorine and phosphates that harm the the soil and the water table. Eco-friendly detergents also exclude dyes and perfumes from the ingredients, and they never include artificial ingredients and colorings. Since many laundry-care detergents contain chemicals and bleach, they can cause adverse skin reactions if you have allergies. Using an eco-friendly detergent prevents you from experiencing an itchy rash, and the nontoxic formula doesnt negatively affect your septic tank. Some Ultra Plus detergents do not include dyes or perfumes, but read the labels carefully before purchasing the product.

If you want to change the color of your clothing, then you need liquid fabric dye to do the job. Keep in mind that the dye needs time to dry before you wash your clothing. Mixing and washing your dyed clothing with other laundry items may cause unwanted color bleed. You also want to test the dye on a small strip of your clothing to ensure that it provide the right color shade you expect. Rit all-purpose dye works on clothing and other materials such as wood and plastic. You can even use it to dye paper and wicker furniture.

When Washing and drying clothes doesn't have to wear you down when you have the right specialty laundry care products. Dry your clothing in less time with a gas dryer, and use eco-friendly detergent to prevent allergic breakouts and to save the environment. Instead of buying new clothing, just use fabric dye to create the color you want in minutes. Shop online at Sears to receive the best deals on name brand laundry-care products and accessories for your home.