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Replace Furnace Filters to Improve Health and Efficiency

Replacing dirty furnace filters has two distinct advantages. The new filter will trap allergens and other pollutants the old filter was missing, so the air you breathe will be healthier. The furnace will also run at peak efficiency because it wont work so hard to circulate air. Weve got replacement furnace filters from Filtrete and other quality brands in all the most common sizes. We also carry furnace filters with high MERV values that do a better job trapping very small particles. Other replacement filters youll find in this section include air cleaner filters, air purifier cartridges and humidifier filters. Sears has the right furnace filters to keep the air in your home as healthy as possible.

Wall thermostats are another essential accessory for your heating and cooling system. If you need a replacement thermostat or a thermostat for a new HVAC system, Sears can help. Mechanical thermostats are affordable. A dial or lever is used to set an approximate temperature. For greater accuracy, upgrade to a digital thermostat. They come in non-programmable and programmable models. A programmable thermostat will help reduce energy use and cost. Schedule the HVAC system to run less while youre away. You can still walk into a comfortable home by programming the system to boost heating or cooling before you arrive. Programmable thermostats come in four scheduling types to fit your lifestyle: 7-day, 1-week, 5-2 day and 5-1-1 day models.

Replacing an older water heater will improve energy efficiency and performance. Our selection of water heaters includes electric and gas models, and many of them are Energy Star qualified. We have California water heaters that meet CA emissions regulations. Electric water heaters are available in affordable standard models, very efficient hybrid electric units and convenient tankless water heaters that supply you with continuous hot water. Natural gas water heaters cost less to operate than standard electric water heaters, but they may cost more to install. Liquid propane gas water heaters are a popular choice in rural areas where natural gas is not available.

Your water heater will last longer, and the water in your home will be gentler with a new water softener from Sears. Our Kenmore water softeners come in a range of efficiency levels to help you conserve water and energy. The Kenmore Elite Hybrid water softener doubles as a whole-house water filtration system that removes sediment, hard minerals and pollutants from the water.

Sears has appliances and accessories to help your homes mechanical systems run efficiently and comfortably. Shop Sears today for the right products at the right price.


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