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      Thermostat Parts and Accessories Help Get the Job Done

      DIY homeowners choose Sears for the parts and accessories they need to maintain and repair their mechanical systems. Thermostat parts and other HVAC parts cover a wide range of needs. Galvanized steel sleeves for wall air conditioners and steel mounting brackets for window air conditioners provide sturdy installation. Thermostat installation kits provide the hardware and instructions you?ll need to do it yourself. Replacement power cords for three-wire and four-wire applications put your major appliances back in service. Coil cleaner, weatherstripping and window insulation kits make your HVAC system and home more energy efficient. Enjoy the convenience of shopping online for the thermostat parts and accessories you need while saving on repair costs.

      Changing furnace filters on a regular schedule is an important part of HVAC maintenance. A clean filter will remove dust and other allergens from your home while improving the energy efficiency and performance of your furnace. Shop for the furnace filter size you need at Sears. We carry quality Filtrete and Accumulair brands as well as OEM filters from Honeywell and other manufacturers. You?ll have your choice of standard furnace filters or those with a high MERV value for advanced air filtration. In the filter section, you?ll also be able to locate filters for your humidifier, refrigerator water dispenser, air cleaner and vacuum.

      Another essential mechanical component of your home is the water heater. Sears carries a great selection of water heaters to meet your demand for hot water. The most affordable water heaters are standard electric water heaters, and installation costs are lower than for gas water heaters. Their downside is that electricity costs more than gas, so your utility bills might be high if you use a lot of hot water. A standard gas water heater is a good choice if you have an existing gas line and vent to use. Eco-friendly hybrid electric water heaters use heat pump technology to collect heat from the air and transfer it to the water. While expensive, they will greatly reduce your water-heating costs in the years ahead.

      Sears has a good selection of natural gas and liquid propane gas water heaters. Many are Energy Star qualified, and some meet strict California low-NOx emission standards. Gas water heaters offer fast recovery and excellent first-hour hot water capacity. Households with 1-2 people should consider a 30-gallon model. Those with 3-4 people need a 40-50 gallon model. Large households will benefit from gas water heaters of at least 50-gallon capacity. As you shop for gas water heaters, you?ll see that warranties vary from 6-12 years. Those with longer warranties typically have glass tank lining and water diffusers that reduce sediment. They cost more, but if you plan to be in your current home long term, quality gas water heaters are a good investment due to greater longevity.

      Do you take pride in maintaining your home and mechanical systems, tackling repairs when needed? Partner with Sears because we have the parts, accessories and appliances you need to complete your DIY punch list.


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