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How to Buy the Right Vacuum

Daniel Hess invented the first vacuum cleaner in 1860. It combined carpet sweeper technology with a set of bellows that sucked in the dirt and dust. Manufactures of modern vacuums have left this low-level technology behind. Due to the upgrades in the technology, it can be daunting to buy just the right vacuum cleaner that meets all your needs. Sears delights in bringing you plenty of choices that are just right for you.

For example, your first choice may be between an upright vacuum or a canister model. Both clean well and can keep your floors spotless. You may prefer an upright vacuum cleaner if you expect cleaning stairs or cleaning a two-story home. Next, choose between bagless vacuums that feature canisters that you can clean after each use and bagged vacuums that store the dust and dirt until you change out the container that holds it in place. If dust is a concern to you, you can clean the canister after each use to banish the offending substance to the outside trash can right away. A bag keeps it in the house for the next few uses.

Choices do not end there. HEPA filter vacuums cut down on the amount of dust you breathe while robotic vacuums do all the work for you. You can heighten the cleaning experience by choosing cleaning supplies that work in concert with your vacuum cleaner. Examples include dirt extraction formulas, carpet shampoos and stain removal products for the high traffic areas where a home's carpets usually discolor quickly.

Sometimes your choice of flooring can help make up your mind about the right vacuum cleaner. Garage flooring and tile laminate call for the type of vacuum that handles multiple floor types. If you have chosen to install carpet tiles, you are looking for a vacuum that can deal with low-pile rugs and carpeting. Of course, you always have the option of buying a vacuum for the carpeting and opting for a steam mop when cleaning any other type of flooring surface.

No matter which type of vacuum you choose, wet dry vacs clean up the big messes. A potting soil spill in the hobby room or flour spills in the kitchen are no problems for these powerful machines. Choose your model based on its canister size for ease of use. Some canisters measure only two gallons while others feature a respectable 20-gallon canister size.

Sears sells vacuum cleaners that fit any need. Whether you are looking to clean all your floors with one cleaning tool or intend to purchase different types of flooring cleaners for your surfaces, Sears can meet your needs. When you narrow down the choices between models, consider also the available accessories that make cleaning more convenient. Buy your Sears vacuum today and clean your home in style tonight.

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