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Eliminate dirt and dust with powerful canister vacuums

The fight against dirt, debris and allergens in your home is one that you can win. With a canister vacuum in your arsenal of cleaning tools, you'll be able to collect pet dander and dust bunnies alike. Sears carries a variety of bagless canister vacuums that will help you pick up dirt without losing suction power. A compact canister vacuum is perfect for storing in your garage and cleaning your car up when there's dirt from cleats or crumbs from meals on the go.

Canister vacuums are great for cleaning hard to reach areas. With a wide selection of accessories and attachments, you'll be able to clean anything from drapes to stairs. The mobility of a canister vacuum makes them perfect for cleaning multiple room and uneven surfaces. Compact canister vacuums are great for small apartments and homes. They'll be able to handle carpet or hardwood floors and give you the cleaning power perfect for your smaller space.

Bagless canister vacuums are the perfect addition to your cleaning closet. You won't want to trot out your upright vacuum for small messes. Sears carries many compact and full-size canister vacuums to help you clean your entire home. Pick one up and tackle all your household cleaning needs.

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