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      Clean More Efficiently with Central Vacuum Systems

      Central vacuum systems provide the power you need to clean deep down into the carpet and lift away dirt. Sears offers an entire inventory of name brand central vacuum systems from makers like PowerStar and Dirt Devil. In addition to their cyclonic technology that penetrates the carpet, these vacuums don't require bags, so you can empty the contents directly in a trash can. Rinse the canister to remove dirt and dust particles, and then reattach it to continue vacuuming. With a PowerStar central vacuum system, you can remove 100 percent of dust allergens and spores with its HEPA filter.

      A central vacuum system typically weighs less than an upright vacuum, and it appears quieter when vacuuming the floors. Some bagless upright vacuums such as the Dyson Ball feature the same cyclonic technology as a central vacuum system. The Kenmore Progressive upright also features the HEPA filtration system that eliminates allergens. You have the choice between bagged and bagless upright vacuums as well as manual and self-propelled models from Hoover. Some uprights have wider vacuum heads for covering more space at a time, so that feature comes in handy if you have large carpeted rooms.

      If you have to replace the carpet in your room, then you need the proper installation tools to secure the carpet in place. Some tools you should consider include a Roberts seam roller, a trimmer and a knee kicker. The seam roller helps you to form tighter seams between carpet rolls, and the trimmer helps you to cut the carpet into place. Use a knee kicker to butt the carpet tightly against the wall. An extendible floor roller proves beneficial for smoothing and leveling any bumps that form over the carpet's surface.

      Anytime you use woodworking tools that release dust and particles into the air, attach dust collectors to your machinery. Depending on the floor's condition, you may have to replace floorboards before you can lay down new carpet. Use a dust collection system on your woodworking tools to reduce the amount of dust in the air and around your workspace. Powermatic dust collectors attach to almost any woodworking tool, which includes table saws and wood planers. To clean up any excess dust around your workspace, use a Craftsman wet-dry vac.

      Central vacuum systems work quietly and powerfully to lift away dirt and debris from deep within your carpet. Upright vacuums provide complete portability and feature some of the same technology as central vacuum systems. Use rollers and kickers to install new carpet, and minimize dust in your workspace with a dust collection system. Shop at Sears when you need affordable vacuum systems, tools and accessories for your home.


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