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      Carpet cleaners and floor cleaners will help keep your home clean

      While an upright vacuum keeps your home's floors clean on the surface, it's important to also use steam to kill bacteria and reduce odor in your carpets. Whether you're looking for an upholstery cleaner, a way to clean hardwood floors or a carpet spot cleaner, Sears' has a selection of floor scrubbers and carpet cleaners for your home. Most carpet cleaners are designed similar to a typical upright vacuum, making it easy to maneuver your steam cleaner where you want it to go.

      Families with pets and small children understand the need for steam cleaning carpet cleaners. Between sticky snacks and pet mishaps, it's easy for carpet and other floor surfaces to look messy. Even certain hardwood floors benefits from the bacteria-killing power of steam, so your little one can crawl around freely. For furniture, Sears has a selection of cleaners that spot treat and can be used as upholstery cleaners. Simply use the spot cleaner with the appropriate floor cleaning products and you'll have clean furniture in no time.

      No matter what your lifestyle is like, it's important to keep a clean house. Use floor cleaners on hardwood, carpet and other surfaces to kill bacteria and reduce odor in your home. Find your new floor cleaner when you shop at Sears.


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