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Floor cleaners range from carpet cleaners to steam mops that will sanitize tile and hardwood floors. To remove dirt and grime from the floors and carpets in your home, a quality floor cleaner can be an important tool. In addition to all purpose cleaners, brooms and other cleaning equipment and materials, a carpet shampooer is worth the investment. Instead of paying for someone to come and clean your carpets or renting a heavy and inconvenient machine from an outside retailer, purchase your own floor cleaner to eliminate those hassles and make at least one household chore a bit easier.

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Clean Floors Quickly with Ease

Cleaning up floors is a boring task, but it is necessary to maintain a healthy and comfortable home environment. Sears offers an excellent selection of floor cleaners that provide powerful capabilities, high reliability and ease of use. Homes with children and pets can be especially difficult to clean as dirt, hair and dander can build up quickly. Without proper cleaning, allergens can accumulate on surfaces. This can cause misery to sensitive people and pets.

Sears floor cleaners include professional strength buffers, sweepers and polishers. Whatever type of floor you have, we have a cleaner to match. Carpet cleaners use heat and multiple-action washing to remove the most stubborn caked dirt and clinging pet hairs. The brushes work in multiple directions to clean carpet fibers from every possible angle. You get a very thorough cleaning even if you only run over the carpet once in a single direction. The cleaner's powerful suction completely removes the soapy solution used to wash the carpet. If you prefer not to avoid cleaning floors on your own, you can choose from Sears' vacuum cleaning robots instead. These automated devices clean up floors using advanced sensor and computer control systems. You can even schedule cleanings for the entire week, and the robotic vacuum will take care of everything.

For laminate wood flooring, you can finish up a vacuuming job with cleaning products for solid floors. Many of our manual floor cleaners come with software systems that allow you to handle different types of floors with highly specific operations. Carpet cleaners should allow for easy loading of solution and dumping of dirty water after the job is complete. The most sophisticated floor cleaners can do multiple jobs by using different settings and tools. For example, the Koblenz P820 2-speed hardwood and tile shampooer and floor cleaner can shampoo, buff and wax solid floors. Equipped with a powerful 4.2 amp motor, the device is light enough to handle easily but built with durable materials. You can choose between shampoo brushes, wool buffering pads and scrub brushes depending on the job requirements. The Koblenz cleaner operates quietly and provides easy controls right at your fingertips.

At Sears, you will find floor cleaners for all types of jobs including advanced equipment used by professional janitorial services. We specialize in cleaners for the average consumer and our products come in a wide range of prices for every budget. To find the right equipment for your needs, you can use the comparison tool that allows you to browse features of multiple products side by side. Click on any cleaner and find comparison options with other products at the bottom of the page. Please contact our customer service department if you need any assistance.


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