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Do you need vacuum parts and accessories? Sears has bags, attachments, belts and other items for all brands of vacuum cleaners including Kenmore and Dyson. Keeping your equipment working properly means having parts that are functional and in good condition. Central vacuum parts are particularly important dust collection parts. A central unit with a long hose will allow you to reach difficult spots without having to reposition the vacuum cleaner constantly.

Dust collection accessories give you maximum versatility for tough cleaning jobs. For example, the Bissell Lift-Off Series Deluxe Bare Floor Brush offers maximum cleaning capability for solid floors. If you are installing new flooring protectant, you may need adapters for your vacuum cleaner to maintain optimum performance. For example, switching to a laminate floor from an old carpet floor presents different cleaning problems.

For those who suffer from allergies, an HEPA vacuum bag is essential. These bags use special filters to remove allergens like dust, pollen and pet dander from living areas. The Kenmore O-style replacement HEPA bags for upright vacuum cleaners have certification for asthma and other allergies. They are able to catch about 99.97 percent of all dust, pollen and even bacteria down to sizes of 0.3 microns. Thick carpets often require special brush attachments in order to reach difficult areas. Sears has an attachment kit suitable for all Kenmore canister vacuum cleaners. The set includes four attachments that will work on all models manufactured over the last 30 years. Each attachment uses a button lock system that allows you to snap it easily into place on the vacuum cleaner's wand or hose.

One part that tends to wear down quickly on vacuum cleaners is the belt. The belt handles the work of transferring energy from the cleaner's motor and it needs changing periodically. Sears has belts for Kenmore, Hoover, Panasonic, Eureka and many other brands. For cleaners use that use vacuum bags, we have a large selection of bags in all sizes and for all brands. The HEPA quality bags are cloth rather than paper and they provide a high degree of allergen filtering. Some modern vacuum cleaners do not use bags but they may still have HEPA filtration systems. With these cleaners, you usually empty the collected dirt and debris from a canister. The Envirocare Cloth Anti-Allergen HEPA filtration system is compatible with Kenmore canister vacuums and provides 99 percent filtration for dust and other particles down to one micron in size. The cloth filter catches about 40 percent more allergy-causing particles than paper bags.

Finding vacuum parts and accessories at Sears is a snap when you use our tools that help you narrow down selections to just what you need. You can choose to browse by brand, type, price, discount and many other criteria. You can also choose how many items you wish to display on each page and you can compare products that you select to other similar items. Shop at Sears today and find just the part or accessory you need for your vacuum cleaner.

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