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      Steam Mops Make Hard Surface Cleaning Easy

      Whether you have tile, hardwood floor or laminate flooring in your home, steam mops can keep it clean. Choose a sanitizing steam mop to eliminate up to 99.9 percent of bacteria. Best of all, you can accomplish this level of cleanliness without having to resort to the use of harsh household chemicals. What sets apart one steam mop from another is usually its size.

      There is no need to fill up the bucket with hot water and slosh it over the floor. Gone are the days when you had to clean a tile floor on your hands and knees. Instead, choose a steam mop with a 13-inch cleaning width or opt for a smaller model that provides a 10-inch width. Removable microfiber cleaning pads clean up easily for future uses. Some models feature a vapor chamber that creates dry steam in as little as 45 seconds. Other models come with detachable gadgets that make it easy to clean the surfaces of upholstery and pillows as well.

      Consider following up your hard surface deep cleaning with a solid surface cleaner. Floor polish adds the inimitable shine you love to have on your vinyl or ceramic tiles. A hardwood floor product adds protection to the surfaces of prefinished wood floors and polyurethane-finished planks. When dealing with tile floors featuring light grout work, these products help to protect the grout from future dirt buildup.

      Steam mops also work on floors you have treated with flooring repair adhesive. Think of the concrete floor you treated with a feather finish or the tile floor your put on top of rolled cork. Even the vinyl floor you fixed with a standard repair kit can still benefit from the cleaning properties of steam mops. The versatility of these cleaning tools shines in these settings.

      It is likely that laminate flooring is the flooring choice that you initially go to for steam cleaning, but you should not limit yourself to this flooring only. Try out steam mops on hardwood floors, tiles and any other hard flooring surface you have in the home. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that cleanup becomes a snap.

      Sears sells steam mops and the kinds of floors these tools clean. Choose a wide cleaning size for larger rooms or opt for a smaller width for narrower hallways or smaller rooms. The majority of models feature swiveling mop heads to make it easy to get into the nooks and crannies that usually defy deep cleaning. Pick up your steam mop from Sears today. Try it out tonight and join the ranks of believers who can no longer imagine cleaning their hard floor surfaces with anything but these cleaning tools.


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