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      Clean High and Low with Stick Vacuums

      Unlike clunky upright vacuum cleaners, stick vacuums weigh less and still provide enough power to handle the dirtiest carpets. Sears offers a complete inventory of cordless stick vacuums from Eureka and Dyson. You can even select Kenmore and Electrolux 2-in-1 stick and handheld vacuums. Once you finish vacuuming the floor, use the handheld vac to clean the drapes and upholstery. Because of its lightweight design, use the stick vacuum to reach high above you to clear cobwebs from the ceiling or dust from draperies.

      Along with cleaning the floors and drapery, take the time to clean the windows with Windex and other window cleaners. As you vacuum the floor, dust particles break free from the carpet and rise into the air, landing on your hard surfaces and windows. With Windex Multi-Surface cleaner, you can wipe away the dirt and dust from glass surfaces and tiled countertops. Using paper towels to clean your glass surfaces leaves behind particles and streaks, so use glass cleaner and a squeegee to get a streak-free shine.

      When you use a woodworking tool in the house, it flings dust and wood particles in and around your work area. To prevent the dust from clinging to your surfaces, invest in dust collection systems for your tools. Collection systems from Powermatic capture dust and trap it within leak-proof filter bags. The Powermatic works with most table saws and similar woodworking tools. You can also choose General International and AirFoxx systems. Each model features powerful motors and reliable collection filters.

      Handheld shop vacs come in handy for cleaning up small messes at home or in the workshop. The lightweight design and cordless operation make the handheld vacuum a reliable choice when cleaning from room to room. Since handheld vacuums weigh less, you can vacuum stairs and other areas that seem too difficult with a traditional vacuum cleaner. Handheld vacs such as the Craftsman C3 make it easy to clean upholstery or drapery. The Craftsman NEXTEC features a crevice tool attachment, which reaches deep within couch cushions or beneath car seats to remove trash and debris. For cleaning car interiors, consider the Ridgid auto-detailing kit, which includes soft brushes, scrubbing brushes and crevice tools.

      Stick vacuums weigh less than standard upright and canister vacuums, and some feature additional handheld vacs that attach to the frame. Since vacuuming generates airborne dust particles, invest in cleaning supplies to remove the dust from your surfaces. Use a dust collection system when using woodworking tools, and opt for a handheld vac to detail the car or clean the upholstery. Shop Sears for the biggest name in name-brand appliances and floor cleaning products.


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