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Upright Vacuums Remove Dirt and Dander

The upright vacuum cleaner has a history that now spans more than 100 years. The next time you vacuum the floors and carpets in your home, consider that this useful appliance has come a long way from the manual model that relied on bellows to suck up dust and dirt. What sets apart the various models of upright vacuums is usually the collection of attachments they come with. Some vacuum cleaners feature detachable upholstery and stair cleaners while others come with attachable rotating brushes for a deeper cleaning option.

Upright vacuums also vary by size and design. Some are cordless and rely on a detachable battery you can recharge between uses. Others are self-propelled, which makes it easier if you are cleaning the carpet in a large room or are dealing with a rug that features a high pile. Of course, one of the most convenient upgrades to upright vacuums is the dust compartment. Whereas some models still rely on disposable bags to collect dust and dirt, others come with canisters you can empty after each use and thereby cut down on the amount of dust you have in the home.

Keep your upright vacuum cleaner in good repair with vacuum accessories. Examples include belts, filters and bags. It is easy to find the right accessory because of the convenient coding that manufacturers now use for their parts. Even if you do not own an upright vacuum of a certain brand, you may still be able to buy parts made by another manufacturer based on this company's recommendation for your style of cleaning machine.

If you are thinking of leaving the upright vacuum in the closet, consider the use of a Roomba. These small cleaning tools are convenient for use on all floor types. Turn on the robotic vacuum and the cordless appliance quietly cleans your floors. They are safe for use around pets, floor vases and even while you and other family members are at home.

Support your upright vacuum's dust-reducing capabilities by cooling your home with filtered box fans. Tower fans reduce the amount of space you need to keep your home comfortably cooled. They frequently come with remote controls, which makes it more convenient for you to enjoy a cooling breeze after you finish cleaning the floors. Allowing your cleaning tools and home cooling appliances to work together greatly cuts down on the amount of dust you breathe in.

Sears carries a wide variety of upright vacuums. We pride ourselves on the ability to meet all of your floor cleaning needs and do so at reasonable costs. Whether you prefer a cordless or corded appliance, visit Sears today and clean your home in style tonight.

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