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Wall Ovens Create Space in Your Kitchen

Like freestanding and slide-in ranges, wall ovens come in both gas and electric models. Sears carries name brand wall ovens from Kenmore and GE with self-cleaning options and additional features, making it easy to find the best oven for your kitchen. Since you have the choice between electric and gas, you have to decide which oven offers the most efficiency for your culinary dishes. While both ovens provide true convection-style baking, electricity uses less energy, but gas heats up more quickly. Since both units install in the wall, you create more space in your kitchen regardless of which oven you choose.

As with gas and electric wall ovens, you have the same choice when installing cooktops. Select from combination cooking bundles that include a wall oven and a matching cooktop, or invest in a single electric or gas top for your dedicated cooking area. You can also select from downdraft cooktops. Kenmore Elite offers both gas and electric downdraft cooktops that you can install even without overhead ventilation. Select from traditional coil burners, or invest in a flat cooktop that shuts off automatically when nothing is on the burners.

When trying to optimize space in your kitchen, wall ovens and built-in microwaves increase both countertop and walking space. The built-in models offer the same programmable features and presets that you expect from traditional countertop microwaves. You also have the choice between KitchenAid and Kenmore built-in microwaves with convection cooking. Glass-touch controls create a sleek, modern aesthetic to your kitchen, and the convection technology cooks your food quickly and evenly. Depending on your wall space, select from 24- to 30-inch built-in microwaves in stainless steel, black and white colors.

If you lack the proper wall structure to install a wall oven, then you still have freestanding gas, electric and dual fuel ranges to choose from. Invest in a traditional coil cooktop, or select a flat cooktop for a modern appeal. Gas and electric models provide similar benefits, but you also have differences in how the units heat your food. Gas heats up quicker when compared to electricity, but you have to pay extra for the gas. Electricity uses less energy, but it may take longer to bake certain dishes. A dual fuel range combines the benefits of gas and electricity in one unit. It uses gas for the cooktop and electricity for the oven.

While a wall oven creates additional space in your kitchen, you may not have the proper structure for installing the unit. Freestanding ranges work best for small and large kitchens, and you have gas, electric and dual fuel models to consider. Built-in microwaves also create additional countertop space, and they install easily alongside the cabinetry. Look to Sears for more built-in kitchen appliances and freestanding ranges for your home.

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