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      Tackle laundry loads with washers from Sears

      Modern clothes washers are designed to handle laundry loads of all sizes. Top loaders, front loaders, all-in-ones and laundry stations are available in various capacities to serve you and your family. Whether you're taking care of your own clothes or getting stains out of the kids' outdoor gear, a high quality washer helps you handle the job. At Sears, you'll find a variety of appliances and care products to make even the dirtiest clothes look like new.

      Along with your washer, you need a good dryer to dry and fluff clothing and linens. Like washers, dryers come in many sizes. Choose one that can handle your biggest messes to reduce the amount of time you spend on laundry. With capacities as large as 7.3 cu. ft., you can do all of your laundry at once rather than have to separate it into multiple loads. Both electric and gas dryers use heat and tumbling action to remove water from clothing. Some newer models use sensors to detect when clothes are dry to conserve electricity and prevent over-drying. Shop familiar brands such as Kenmore, LG and Whirlpool to find a machine you can rely on for years. Most dryers come in standard neutral colors, but if your home decor is bolder, take a look at a model in red or blue for a change of pace.

      The type of detergents you use on laundry day make a big difference in how your clothes come out. Matching the detergent to the mess helps guarantee clean, fresh laundry every time. Many brands such as Tide offer detergents that target stains or include color-safe bleach to leave your clothes bright and beautiful.

      Daily and weekly wear put stress on all kinds of clothing, meaning that your favorites will sometimes need more than a good washing to look their best. Sewing machines, irons, steamers and other garment care accessories give you the tools you need to fix everything from rips to wrinkles. A good sewing machine can put in new seams and power through more complex jobs such as replacing zippers. Alterations are easy when you rely on a sewing machine rather than try to take clothing in by hand. Computerized machines let you add attractive embroidered embellishments to otherwise plain garments, giving new life to an old wardrobe. Irons and steamers take the wrinkles out of clothes that have been left in the dryer or stuffed in the closet for too long. Use a standard hand-held steam iron to smooth out a few spots or invest in a freestanding garment steamer to handle tougher jobs.

      With the right combination of washer, dryer and detergent, laundry day should be a breeze. You won't have to spend all weekend wading through pile after pile of dirty clothes when you invest in good garment care. Shop Sears for all your laundry needs and you'll soon revolutionize your laundry routine.



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