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      Front-load washers offer more than superior cleaning capabilities; these washers boast high-efficiency technology, using significantly less water per load than their top-loading cousins. A front-load washer can handle oversized loads including jeans, towels and large comforters with ease. Many of the front-load washers like the Whirlpool Duet offered by Sears have the ENERGY STAR certification, meaning the appliance meets energy-saving requirements and offers its owner savings on energy bills. Check out models with features such as steam wash and sanitizing cycles, anti-vibration technology and multiple settings to tackle the toughest grime.

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      Get clothes clean with green front load washers

      High demand for energy-efficient appliances has made front load washers very popular in North America. They require less water for each load, using a tumbling motion that forces water and detergent through the fabric to clean deeply and effectively. Many machines meet Energy Star standards because they use less electricity too. The average price is higher for front-loading machines than for top-loading models, but the difference is quickly recouped through lower costs for energy and water. If you have a small household or spread out your laundry through the week, a smaller machine will suffice. If you have a large household or mountains of laundry on the weekend, a large-capacity clothes washer will better serve your needs. Choose the size that allows you to run full loads but the least number of them per week. That's the key to energy-efficient use. Sears has a tremendous selection of front load washers from leading brands like Kenmore, LG and Samsung in a size that is right for you.

      If you are in the market for a clothes dryer, we have an equally impressive lineup. Electric dryers cost slightly less than gas dryers, and they don't require a gas line or venting. That fact may make installation cheaper. The downside is that they use more energy than gas dryers, so utility bills will be higher. A large-capacity washer and dryer can help you save money by laundering large items you might otherwise take to the dry cleaners. An electric or gas dryer featuring a steam option has two benefits. The steam relaxes clothing, so it comes out of the dryer nearly wrinkle-free. Secondly, the steam penetrates pillows and non-washable soft toys like stuffed animals to kill bacteria, viruses and dust mites.

      Washer and dryer bundles are a great way to get a pair of appliances that are designed to work together. Some high-tech sets communicate with one another. When you program the washer to the type of load you're doing, the settings are automatically transferred to the dryer. All the major brands make pairs. The most basic and affordable cost less than $1,000. The most expensive pairs feature advanced cycles and functions like sanitizing heat and steam cleaning or drying. Those bundles can cost more than $2,000.

      If you're committed to using less energy and you still want very clean laundry, cold water detergents are ideal. They are formulated to provide effective cleaning without hot water. When you shop for cold water detergents at Sears, you'll discover other green laundry products worth considering. These include alternative bleach that is safer for the environment and laundry balls that gently scrub your clothes in the washer to reduce the need for detergent.

      Great laundry care has been a Sears' specialty for more than a century. We remain on the cutting edge by offering you energy-efficient washers and dryers and ecofriendly detergents. Go green with laundry appliances and cleaning agents from Sears.


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