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      If your old washing machine has finally kicked the bucket or you are moving into a new house, a new washing machine will make doing laundry quick and easy. The latest washing machines have additional settings that let you tweak the wash cycle to take care of all types of clothing better. High-efficiency models will use less water and can help you to save on utilities over time. Whether you prefer front loading or top loading washing machines, Sears has options that are just right for your home. Paired with the perfect dryer, your washer will get your dirty clothes clean in no time.

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      Tackle any laundry challenge with a new washing machine

      Modern washing machines will let you clean your whole wardrobe with ease. Whether you need a washer that can handle load after load of heavy duty washing or has settings for delicate sweaters, there is a model for you. You'll find all the right options among the selection of front loading and top loading washers at Sears. Buy your washer separately if you want to mix and match with another dryer, or consider a washer and dryer set.

      Standard top-load washers are more efficient than older models. High efficiency models use far less water and energy and canhelp you save a significant amount of money. The spin cycles are faster so they remove more water prior to tossing the clothes into the dryer, reducing your overall dry time. Varying wash cycles will allow you to wash everything from bulky loads of bedding to delicate garments. Sears also carries the right high-efficiency detergents to maximize the cleaning power of your washer.

      The right washing machine will help you complete your chores and have your clothes clean in no time. Sears has the washing machines you need to keep your family's clothing looking its best.



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