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      Enjoy Refreshingly Clean Water with Under Sink Water Coolers

      Under sink water coolers are compact and install out of the way, so your countertop remains uncluttered. They filter water for drinking and cooking. Various levels of filtration are available, and you can choose one that is right for the condition of your water. Basic filtration uses a single filter to remove sediment and minerals that make water hard or give it an unpleasant taste. More advanced filtration uses multiple filters each with a different purpose. Activated charcoal filters remove chemicals. Reverse osmosis systems are best for water with a range of impurities. Some under sink water coolers chill the water to provide a refreshing drink. Many also heat the water to save you steps in making hot drinks, instant soup or oatmeal. As you browse water coolers, you'll also find replacement filters for most brands.

      Sears carries filters and other water softener accessories to help the softener do its job. If you're planning to purchase a new water softener, flex connectors for the inlet and outlet provide easy, secure installation. Softener salt is available by the bag or the pallet. Water softener cleaner used on a regular basis will keep the brine tank healthy and working as it should. If your softener uses filters, you'll find the right replacements here from Kenmore, Pentek and other top brands.

      Kenmore water softeners from Sears are produced in models progressively more efficient. The price goes up as the efficiency rises, but the energy use and water use during recharging decreases, so you'll save on utility costs. Kenmore Hybrid water softeners also provide whole-house filtration. A layer of activated carbon removes chlorine and its odor, sediment and other pollutants. There is no filter to change. The permanent carbon filter is cleaned as part of the recharging process. Large LCD displays on all Kenmore models are easy to read and program.

      Faucet-mounted water filters are ideal for the kitchen. Most faucet mounts have a switch that activates the filter when you want water for drinking or cooking. The filtration can be turned off for washing dishes to extend the life of the filter. Single-stage and multi-stage systems give you options for filtration level and price. When your faucet mounts need new filters, you'll find them right here at competitive prices.

      If you're concerned about the quality of the water in your home, Sears has solutions including water filtration systems and softeners. The great selection lets you choose the right products to treat your water based on its condition. Depend on us for the products you need to make your water safer and softer for all who use it.


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