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      Keep Your Water Fresh with Water Filter System Parts

      Your water filtration systems need regular maintenance to protect the purity of your water supply. Water filter system parts from Sears are available for whole-house water filtration units, countertop water dispensers and ice makers. We also carry a wide array of OEM refrigerator and universal replacement filters. With such a large selection, you'll find the filter you need for single-filter and multi-filter systems from all of today's leading brands. Browse our selection for activated charcoal filters, which remove odor-causing chemicals and other pollutants, and sediment filters, which trap sediment that can damage household appliances. Some of the filters come in multi-packs that allow you to stock up at a lower per-unit cost.

      Filter cartridges are just one of the refrigerator parts you'll find at Sears. Search by the model number of your refrigerator to locate exactly what you need. You can also shop by brand or type of part required. Common refrigerator parts include trim packages to upgrade the appearance of your refrigerator, ice maker kits and replacement power cords for those that are worn or damaged.

      Water coolers with integrated filters ensure that everyone in your home or office is drinking healthy water. Stand-alone, countertop and under-counter models give you options. The upfront cost of a water cooler will be quickly recovered when you no longer need to purchase bottled water for drinking and cooking. Basic water coolers provide water at-room temperature. More advanced models deliver cold, refreshing water as well as hot water at an ideal temperature for tea or instant soup. Standard filtration systems and those using reverse osmosis are used to eliminate more than 99 percent of impurities. Other features to consider as you shop for the right water cooler include UV sterilizers that reduce the spread of germs, stainless steel water tanks and LED indicators. On most units, you can access the filter cartridges from the front for easy replacement.

      As a leader in the appliance industry, we have a huge online catalog of accessories for every appliance in your home. Universal replacement bulbs for refrigerators are easy to install, and so are quarter-turn refrigerator filters that reduce leaks. Replacement filters for water coolers keep the water tasting great while removing impurities. These are just a few of the thousands of appliance accessories you can order from Sears.

      Keeping your appliances maintained is essential to their performance and durability. Sears has the spare parts you need for each job. Make Sears your one-stop source for filters and other appliance accessories when you want them to be in stock at very competitive prices.


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