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      Choose electric water heaters for dependable hot water

      Electric water heaters have many advantages. Most are very affordable. They cost less to install than gas water heaters because no gas line or vent is required. Standard electric water heaters come in short models ideal for crawl space installation and tall models with smaller footprints that save space in basements. Capacity ranges from 20-60 gal. You can reduce operating costs with a hybrid electric water heater or a tankless electric water heater. Hybrid models use heat pump technology plus a heating element. Most electric tankless water heaters are installed at a single point of use. Some create enough hot water to serve a small home or apartment. Consider energy efficiency, the amount of hot water the unit delivers per hour and your household's hot water demands. You'll appreciate a larger water heater if your household has peak periods with high demand. If your hot water usage is spread out, you may be better served by a smaller water heater.

      If you'd like to reduce your energy use and costs where natural gas is not available, propane water heaters are a great choice. They heat water more efficiently than their electric counterparts and do so more quickly. They deliver more total gallons of hot water per hour than electric heaters of the same size. For example, if your household needs a 50-gal. electric water heater, it will get by with a 40-gal. propane water heater. Keep in mind, however, that installation costs will be higher if you don?t have a propane line and vent in place.

      California has very strict emissions standards for water heaters. California water heaters from Sears are fitted with a low-emissions burner that is certified to meet regulations in air quality management zones. Both natural gas and liquid propane models are available. Their costs are slightly higher than non-certified water heaters. California water heaters are available in tall models with 30-50 gal. capacity.

      Sears has the water heater accessories you need for the installation project. Installation kits for gas and electric water heaters include flexible pipe for the cold water feed and the hot water supply. Galvanized steel drain pans in 20 and 24 inch sizes resist corrosion and prevent spills when draining your water heater. Thermal expansion tanks allow you to conserve hot water, so it's not wasted out the relief valve.

      When it's time to install a new water heater, we'll have several options that fit your purposes. Our accessories and installation kits will reduce the effort required. Choose Sears for an excellent selection of gas and electric water heaters at very competitive prices.



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