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      Choose a Hybrid Water Heater for Efficiency and Performance

      If energy efficiency is important to you, then an electric hybrid water heater is a great choice. These high-tech heaters use heat pump technology to capture heat from the air and transfer it to the water. An electric element help heat water at peak periods. Hybrid electric water heaters are Energy Star qualified, and they'll lower your monthly energy bills. Gas hybrid water heaters are not as energy efficient, but they heat water very quickly. They employ high-input burners to produce near-continuous hot water. The excess is stored in the tank. Gas hybrid water heaters work well for households with a high demand for hot water at peak times.

      While hybrid water heaters are expensive, storage-tank electric water heaters are affordable. The tradeoff is that they are not energy efficient, and they don't heat water quickly. If low equipment cost is your priority, an electric water heaters is a good choice. With models from 20-80 gallons, you'll find the right capacity for your needs. If you prefer electric but want to cut utility costs, an electric tankless water heater is an eco-friendly option. The unit will supply continuous hot water on demand. Large tankless models can supply water to an apartment or small home.

      Propane water heaters are an efficient option in rural areas not served by gas lines. They heat water more quickly than electric and cost less to operate. Kenmore liquid propane water heaters range in size from 30-50 gallon For households with one to two people, a 30-gallon model might be sufficient. If your household is larger or if you tend to have peak periods with a high demand for hot water, you'll be happier with a large water heater.

      If natural gas is available where you live, then a natural gas water heater might be a good fit for your home. Our collection of natural gas heaters includes models for residential and light-commercial models. Several grades of natural gas heaters are available. Those with a nine-year or 12-year warranty have lined tanks that resist corrosion. Many also have a diffuser at the water inlet to break up sediment as it enters the tank. These features will increase the lifespan of the tank.

      Which water heater is right for you? If you plan to live in your current home for just a few years, an inexpensive electric or gas water heater will be most cost-effective. If you have no plans to move and your household has high demand for hot water, a hybrid water heater can be an efficient long-term solution. When you decide which type meets your needs, depend on Sears for a great selection and very competitive prices


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