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      Find Certified California Water Heaters at Affordable Prices

      Gas water heaters in many California districts must meet strict emissions standards. Sears has liquid propane and natural gas California water heaters that employ low-NOx burners that meet air quality management requirements. Most have tanks lined with Ultra Coat glass and an anode rod to greatly reduce corrosion in the tank. The RotoSwirl inlet tube breaks up sediment as it enters the tank, reducing the risk that it will settle there. These features add years of durability to a water heater. California water heaters come in models with warranties of six, nine or 12 years. Those with longer warranties cost more and last longer. If you plan to move in the next few years, choose an affordable water heater with a six-year warranty. If you plan to stay put, a better unit with a longer warranty is a cost-effective choice.

      If you don't prefer gas, Sears has a great selection of electric water heaters. Standard electric water heaters are very inexpensive. Tall models are ideal for basements. Short water heaters are designed for crawl spaces and utility closets. If space is really tight, a compact electric water heater might meet your needs. They're popular for use in manufactured housing, garages and other locations where space is at a premium. For even more compact installation, consider tankless electric water heaters. Most serve a single point of use and produce up to 1.5 gal. per minute. Others deliver up to 4.0 gal. per minute and can be used as whole-house water heaters. If you're looking for ecofriendly home appliances, check out hybrid electric water heaters from Kenmore and GeoSpring. They heat water with heat pump technology and the support of an electric element. They will reduce your energy use and your electric bills.

      Propane water heaters from Sears are a popular choice where natural gas is not available. Liquid propane is a more economical heat source than electricity. Propane gas water heaters have a shorter recovery time than electric. Propane water heaters have glass-lined tanks and RotoSwirl technology for increased durability.

      Having all the hot water you need is great. Having hot, soft water is even better. Home water softeners take the heavy minerals out of water that make it hard and unpleasant. As an added bonus, softened water will extend the life of your appliances and make detergents more effective. Kenmore water softeners come in a range of efficiency levels. The more efficient the model is, the less water and salt it uses during a softening cycle.

      Sears delivers hot, softened water for your entire home. We also carry accessories like salt and softener cleaner to keep your system operating at peak performance. Depend on Sears for quality water heaters and water softeners at unbeatable prices.


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