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      Find quality water softeners for your home

      With hard water fast becoming a problem in many millions of homes, you need a sound water softener system to remove excess calcium, magnesium and several other impurities from the water you use at home. Access to clean, safe water is vital. At Sears, we have a wide variety of water treatment solutions, so you can be sure to find the best system for your needs.

      When searching for water softeners, consider size and capacity. Size does not necessarily refer to space but rather the unit's ability to clean your water without constant recharges. You want to choose one that can handle the demands of your household or business. Recall that hard water stains water fixtures, clogs plumbing fixtures and shortens the life of appliances like dishwashers, coffeemakers and washing machines. If you have a family of up to four people and water hardness of up to 35 grains per gallon, The Kenmore High-Efficiency Water Softener is a good choice. These units help extend the life of your appliances and reduce your maintenance and energy bills. Not only will the taste of your water improve, but you will also experience better bathing and use less soap to clean. If you have a larger home and family, the Kenmore Elite Hybrid Water Softener is an excellent energy-efficient pick. These water softener and complete-household sifter combos require little upkeep as you never have to replace a filter, thereby eliminating the need to discard plastic bottles and replacement filters.

      In case you want to fix your water softener to the septic tank you have in the attic, use water softener accessories like the Eco Water Flex Connectors for convenient water flow from the tank to the softener and eventually to your faucet. Those with spacious kitchens may find any assembled water filter kit fitting, but if you have serious space limitations, under sink water coolers are an attractive option. We offer a number of under sink filters like the Kenmore Elite Premier Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System. These units are well equipped to keep arsenic, asbestos and many other toxic chemicals away from your drinking water. Aside from being energy efficient, the designs are an easy fit with no mounting required and filter change alarms, so you do not have to bother with maintaining filter replacement schedules. These types of units are pricier, but depending on your needs, the cost may be justifiable. The Kenmore 2-Stage Drinking Water Filter, a tad cheaper model, is also a quality product that clears chlorine and grime sediments from water.

      Alternatively, faucet mounts are a low-cost, effective solution for purifying water. You will have to install them to your sink. Thereafter, you can conveniently forget about their existence as most modern models require minimal filter replacements, pad cleaning and other overhauls, saving you time and money. The Pur Black Chrome Advanced Horizontal Faucet Mount Filter installs using a one-click system, making it easy to replace and remove when you need extra sink room, and its 360-degree swivel swings make it adaptive to most kitchen sinks. It also removes 99 percent of impurities, making the water safe for your family.

      Whether you are considering a premium water softener or a basic faucet mount, Sears can help you find a water treatment solution fine-tuned to your requirements. Shop Sears and experience smoother, cleaner water today.



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