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      Home Water Softeners for Better Water Quality

      Sears has everything you need for your home water quality management. Our water softeners will reduce the mineral content in your water so that you get less scale buildup in appliances and plumbing from iron, magnesium, calcium and other minerals. Your family will appreciate the better tasting water and you will be glad to spend less money on removing stains and scale caused by the hard water that comes from your well or city water system. We have all of the accessories you need for installation and maintenance of your water softener. We also have countertop water coolers, countertop filtration systems and faucet mounts for providing your family with cool, filtered water for better taste and protection from harmful contaminants.

      Our water softeners are available in several sizes to meet your capacity requirements. We have hybrid units that soften your water and filter it, too. Our softeners are designed for efficiency and ease of use. We also carry all of the supplies and water softener accessories that you need for installing and operating your softener, including mounting hardware, flex connectors, filter cartridges and salt. We keep your water quality management inexpensive and hassle-free.

      If you want even better tasting water or are concerned about bacteria or other contaminants in your water supply, Sears offers many countertop water coolers and water filtering pitchers that are both attractive and effective. Your family will enjoy getting cool water from a pitcher or cooler that fits right in with your elegant kitchen decor while supplying great-tasting filtered water on demand. Some of these units supply both cold and hot water, so you can enjoy a cup of steaming tea or instant hot chocolate without having to wait for water to boil. We have all of the replacement filters and other supplies you need to keep your family supplied with high quality water.

      In addition to portable countertop coolers and filters, Sears also provides faucet mounts and refrigerator water filters in a variety of styles and capacities. These units let you take filtered water right from your tap or refrigerator without the hassle of refilling pitchers or the need for counter space that countertop water coolers occupy. Our installation kits and other supplies make it easy for you to add these to your faucet or refrigerator in just a few minutes. You will enjoy knowing that your family has access to safe, tasty water with the turn of a faucet handle.

      Let Sears help you provide your home with the high quality, good-tasting water. Soft water reduces your maintenance expenses by reducing or eliminating the scale buildup in your hot water heater or plumbing fixtures. We have softeners, faucet mounts and countertop water coolers in sizes and styles to fit your needs and match your home decoration tastes.


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