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      Store wines elegantly in your own wine cellars

      A wine cellar was once an extravagance found in the homes of the wealthy, but increasing numbers of people are including them in their households. Unlike refrigerators, these cellars provide dedicated storage for your favorite wines. They are also a more economical and convenient way of storing wine bottles. Like beverage centers, they are great for those who love to entertain guests with style.

      Wine cellars help you conserve space in refrigerators, and they generally have settings for different types of wine storage. For example, the optimal temperature for red wine will differ from that of white wine. The cellars also provide an attractive display for showcasing your best vintages. Sears has a large choice of wine cellar options including brands like Vinotemp, Edgestar and Avanti.

      The EdgeStar 36 Bottle French Door Wine Cooler is a dual zone cellar with two separate storage compartments. Each side of the cellar has independent temperature control for storage of different wine types. Additionally, the two coolers have separate racking systems, LED display and other features. By combining them in one cabinet, you can save space that you would need for separate red and white wine cellars. Each cooler has a default temperature setting that you can adjust using the digital control panel. Temperature ranges are 40-65 degrees F for both coolers.

      If you want a top-of-the-line option, you can select the EuroCave Professional ShowCave Wine Cellar. A great product for true wine lovers, this cellar can store up to 180 bottles at temperatures of 42-64 degrees C. The cellar has glass doors and a stylish black glossy exterior. If you only want something very basic, there is the EuroCave SoWine Home Wine Bar. The portable storage device holds two wine bottles that it can chill for 10 days using silent cooling technology. The wine bar requires no pumps, gases or stoppers, and it cools each bottle independently.

      A mid-range option is the Electrolux 44 Wine Bottle Cooler that can store about 44 bottles depending on their size. The cooler has an attractive door with ultraviolet light filtering and a sleek, modern design. High technology features include Eco mode that notifies you if the door is open for more than five minutes or if the internal temperature jumps excessively. You can also set the device on energy-efficient Vacation and Sabbath modes.

      Sears has a great array of wine cellars, refrigerators and refrigerator accessories. Find what you need fast and compare products to competitors in the same category. If you need help, please click on "Chat live" link on each product page to chat with an online Sears expert. Alternatively, you can choose "Click to call" to speak with an expert over the phone. Our product specialists can help you find the wine cellar that will make a perfect fit for your home. Shop Sears now and take advantage of our discounts on quality wine cellars and beverage centers.



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