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Maytag Appliances for Dependability and Performance

Sears is proud to carry Maytag appliances, recognized for their exceptional performance and steadfast dependability. Maytag has earned a reputation for staying at the forefront of innovation and technology, and its products are updated regularly to reflect this. With refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, ovens and more in the company wide selection of home appliances, you can count on Maytag products from to outlast and outperform the competition for years to come.

Recent advances in Maytag home appliances include SteamClean option on Maytag dishwashers; Uses high-heat steam to eliminate grime and water spots on glass and ceramics during the wash cycle.

LCD display on refrigerators; This option saves energy by allowing you to adjust the interior temperature without opening the doors, and features easy-to-use controls.

Power Cook Burner on ovens; At 13,500-BTU, the Power Cook Burner allows you to cook faster and more consistently.

PowerWash Cycle on washing machines provides you with added cleansing ability and a more complete rinse.

Maytag Ice2O refrigerator models can produce up to 10 pounds of ice in 24 hours. Many Maytag washing machines also come equipped with OxyTreat. This system automatically adds OxyClean or a similar product to your wash cycle to remove difficult stains caused by coffee, red wine, grass and other elements.

Another factor Maytag keeps in mind with the creation of home appliances is energy efficiency. Maytag and its parent company, Whirlpool, are working toward a goal to have all electronically-controlled appliances enabled to send and receive signals to and from the smart grid by the year 2015. This means they will be able to utilize the power from an individual or business alternative energy sources. Many of the company appliances already come with the Energy Star label.

Other energy efficiency design features implemented by Maytag include:

IntelliFill Water Level Sensor Washers; with this option detect the amount of laundry you put in and adjust the water level accordingly to save resources.

IntelliDry Sensor; Dryers with this option sense when clothes are dry and prevent the use of excess energy by ending the cycle at that point.

Water-Saving Dishwashers; These energy efficient appliances use half as much water compared to hand-washing your dishes and are recognizable by their Energy Star labels.

Some of the Maytag appliances available at include:

Performance Series Washers and Dryers

French Door and Side-by-Side Refrigerators

100% Stainless Steel Interior Dishwashers

These are only a few of the Maytag products we have for you. At, you can see all the models of Maytag appliances we have, demo products, read specifications and make your next purchase. We provide you with all of the details needed to make the right decision for your needs, including Maytag reviews from actual customers. Visit today and see for yourself.

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