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      Bosch appliances are designed to simplify living day-to-day and to work reliably year after year.  In short, they’re invented for life.  If you could use more convenience and longevity in the life of your appliances, shop the full selection of Bosch appliances available at  And if you have questions, the Blue Appliance Crew can walk you through the dishwashers, refrigerators, cooking appliances, washers, dryers and other Bosch appliances that fit your lifestyle.

      Standout Bosch appliances include the new Vision washers and dryers, renowned for their efficient use of water and energy.  Vision washers use up to 64% less water per load than the average washer, and they include clothes-saving cycles designed to remove common stains like grass, red wine and grease without pre-soaking.  Or check out the Linea side-by-side refrigerator featuring EasyLift™ Shelves that adjust effortlessly even when loaded up with food.  Find the conveniences invented for your life with Bosch appliances from


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