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What is ENERGY STAR® Rating?


The ENERGY STAR® label is a voluntary, government-supported certification that recognizes energy efficiency in many appliances, electronics and other high-energy use products. If a specific product has an ENERGY STAR® label, it has passed a series of stringent requirements set forth by the EPA. When a specific brand or product earns an ENERGY STAR® rating, you can rest assured that it offers substantial energy savings. The appliances are not only up to the high product standards of the consumer; they also use an average of 15 to 30% less energy than equivalent products. The requirements for an ENERGY STAR® rating are regularly modified and updated so as to keep up with current technology.

Benefits of appliances with an ENERGY STAR® label

  • Offers an easy way to recognize energy efficient appliances
  • Recognizes reliable and durable products
  • Maximizes efficiency of products
  • Saves money on utility bills and other costs