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Mixer Buying Guide


The right mixer is sure to become one of the most used appliances in your kitchen. Whether you prefer a small hand mixer for occasional baking, or want to  explore all the versatile options of a stand mixer, you can find the right model to make all kinds of baking and cooking tasks more convenient. Find a model that has the power and functions to suit your cooking style best.  

Why buy a new mixer?

A new mixer comes with a wider variety of speeds that give the user increased control so you get just the right consistency every time.

With a variety of attachments, your mixer can handle all kinds of kitchen tasks, so you can easily whisk eggs, knead dough and more.

You can find stand mixers in a variety of colors and designs from contemporary to retro so you can perfectly accent your kitchen's decor.  

Features of new mixers


  • Tilt-head mixers let you tilt the mixing head back so you can pour in extra ingredients or easily remove the mixing bowl once mixing is complete
  • Bowl-lift mixers raise the mixing bowl to the attachment, reducing instances of the mixture spilling over the sides
  • Mixing paddles are a standard attachment for most tasks
  • Dough hooks take the physical labor out of mixing tough dough recipes
  • Wire whisks will whip air into ingredients like cream or egg whites, making them light and airy
  • A stand mixer is powerful enough to run a meat grinder attachment so you can make ground beef, chicken and pork
  • Pasta rollers thin dough and cut your favorite pasta shapes
  • Planetary action ensures an even consistency with an elliptical mixing pattern

Learn how to shred meat in a stand mixer


Types of Mixers

Hand mixer

A hand mixer will save you space in the kitchen and easily mix many recipes like batter or dough.  

  • Price range: $10-$95
  • Attachments: Dough hooks, whisk and a blending spindles
  • Mixing action: Fixed spindle
  • Speeds: 5 to 9

A hand mixer is best for...

Occasional baking: People that bake on occasion will get all the mixing functionality they need with a sturdy, low-cost hand mixer.



Simple mixes and batters: For mixtures that don't take long to blend, like cookie dough or cake batter, a hand mixer will be able to take care of the job quickly.


Stand mixer

A stand mixer will take the physical effort out of mixing, and can handle a wider variety of recipes with optional attachments.  

  • Price range: $40-$660   
  • Attachments: Beaters, whisks, dough hooks, mixing paddle, meat grinder, citrus juicer, ice cream maker and pasta rollers
  • Mixing action: Fixed spindle or planetary
  • Speeds: 5 to 12

A stand mixer is best for...

Making large quantities: Stand mixers have large mixing bowls and attachments that can blend a multitude of ingredients and with ease.


Chefs who like to try new recipes: With ice cream maker, pasta roller and meat grinder attachments, you cam turn your stand mixer into a number of different appliances by harnessing the mixer's power.

Handling tough recipes: Stand mixers do all the work for you, so you can turn them on to handle other prep work when you need to mix something that takes a while. You can also avoid tired arms when it comes to tougher dough and batter recipes.



Bottom Line

A kitchen mixer is the ideal appliance to help you take care of meal prep basics. If you're mixing up batter and dough occasionally or have limited counter space, a hand mixer will give you all the functionality you need in a small, inexpensive appliance. For pizza dough, large families and adventurous chefs, a stand mixer will provide you with all the power and customization you need to tackle any recipe.