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Buying a Wall Oven

Wall ovens are built directly into your kitchen wall. Compared to a bulky kitchen range, these ovens add an aesthetic appeal as well as functional benefits. They're perfect for smaller kitchens that don't have a lot of space, but they can also add a contemporary look to any size kitchen. If you want a gas cooktop with an electric oven, or vice-versa, a wall oven and separate cooktop can also be an easier alternative than a dual fuel range. Some models come with a double oven, perfect for home chefs and party planners. Just as with ranges, you can find both gas and electric options to suit your personal culinary preferences.

Why buy a new wall oven?

  • They take up significantly less space than a range because they are built into the wall. This can leave more room for additional cabinets or a more spacious kitchen.
  • Wall ovens can be safer to use than traditional oven ranges. They can be installed at a comfortable height for you so you won't need to bend down to use your oven, preventing spills and injury.
  • Wall ovens come as single or double oven models. You can even find models which offer both conventional cooking as well as convection cooking, which speeds up the cooking process while evenly heating your food.
  • Newer appliances often use less energy than older models, so updating your oven can help you save energy and even money in the long run.

Other considerations and features

Specialty ovens

  • Warming drawers, which are located under the oven, keep food warm while you prepare other foods inside the oven
  • A broiler is a direct heat source inside your oven or a special oven compartment that quickly heats food with a close, direct flame 




Technological features

  • A cook and hold feature heats food to the desired time or temperature and then lowers the temperature to a keep-warm setting
  • Hidden bake elements are an alternative option to an exposed heat element in an electric or gas oven
  • Automatic convection conversion will help you modify the temperature and cook time of your recipes to a convection oven
  • A delay start feature can set a timer for the precise time that you want to begin cooking

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Types of wall ovens

Electric wall ovens

These ovens utilize electric heat to bake and broil your food. The heat elements can be both on the top and bottom of the oven. You can find models that have conventional or convection settings. Some double electric wall ovens even offer both conventional and convection heat. Electric ovens are typically better for cooking at a constant temperature as they maintain even heat throughout the cooking process.

  • Price range: $775-$5000
  • Width range: 24-36 inches
  • Capacity range: 2.7-5.1 cubic feet

Electric wall ovens are best for...

Holiday hosts: If you find yourself hosting a lot of holiday gatherings or family parties that require large amounts of cooking, you'll want to have enough oven space for all of the main entrees, sides and desserts.

Bakers: For those who love to bake, there's nothing quite like a convection oven. You'll find that the even heat circulating inside the oven makes for perfect baked goods, every time.  

Gas wall ovens

These models use a gas flame at the bottom of the oven to heat your food. Some models also have a broiler option, which includes gas flame heat at the top of the oven as well. Gas ovens tend to heat up and cool down more quickly than electric ovens. Fan-assisted gas wall ovens offer convection-style heat.

  • Price range: $625-$1700
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Capacity range: 2.7-3.2 cubic feet



Gas wall ovens are best for...

People on the go: If you're always on the go, you want to have an oven that heats up quickly when you need it and cools down just as quickly, so you can be out the door when it's time to go. Gas ovens offer a rapid temperature change that electric ovens cannot.


Budget watchers: When you watch every dollar you spend each month, you want to maximize your budget by choosing appliances that are going to keep your bills low. While the difference isn't typically huge, gas ovens often cost less to operate than electric.  

Wall oven and microwave combinations

With a standard microwave built into your wall oven unit, you can maximize your counter space. Many wall oven and microwave combinations include full capacity ovens of up to 5 cubic feet and powerful microwaves for all of your quick cooking and reheating needs.

  • Price range: $1800-$4700
  • Width range: 27-30 inches
  • Oven capacity range: 3.5-5 cubic feet

Wall oven and microwave combinations are best for...

Small kitchens: If counter space is minimal, a wall oven and microwave combination can help reserve countertop space for other small appliances and cooking prep.

Home decorating mavens: The aesthetic appearance of a wall oven and microwave combination can create a modern look in your kitchen.

Bottom Line

When it comes to wall ovens, there are a wide variety of options available to you. It's a great idea to consider the wall oven and separate cooktop combination if you want to have separate heat elements, but there are several other practical reasons to shop for a new wall oven. The capacity of a double oven can add precious cooking space for large families or special events. Smaller wall ovens are a perfect fit for kitchens that could use a little extra cabinet space, as well. Regardless of your needs, you're sure to find the right wall oven for your home kitchen.