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Product Insight: Maytag Front-Load Laundry

Maytag Front-Load Laundry

Maytag Front-Load Laundry

The new front-load washers and dryers from Maytag are made to last and deliver the tough cleaning power you need. Featuring the best cleaning in the industry driven by the PowerWash® system,1 these washers combine the extra cleaning action of the PowerWash cycle and an internal heater for thorough clean. And to keep clothes smelling fresh, the Fresh Hold® options tumbles loads and circulates air with a built-in fan for up to 12 hours after the wash cycle ends. Plus, the dryers have the capacity and features to dry your loads faster with the help of the PowerDry system and PowerDry cycle.2

Product Specifications

4.5 Cu. Ft. Front-Load Washer: #43492 (White), #43493 (Metallic Slate)

PowerWash System: The best cleaning in the industry is driven by the PowerWash system,1 featuring the extra cleaning action of the PowerWash cycle and an internal heater.

Fresh Hold Option: Uses a fan and intermittent tumbling to reduce moisture and help prevent odors from developing in clothes for up to 12 hours after the cycle is complete. It also helps dry out the empty wash basket to prevent odors from building up between laundry days.

Optimal Dose Dispenser: Holds enough detergentfor up to 12 loads,3 automatically measuring and delivering the proper amount of detergent at the right time for great cleaning performance. Not only does this remove guesswork for you, but it also helps to prevent problems caused by the overuse of detergent.

Internal Heater: Gives detergent apowerful boost, helping it work harder against stubborn stains with increased water temperature, contributing to the best cleaning in the industry driven by thePowerWash system.1


7.4 Cu. Ft. Large Capacity Dryer: #93492 (Gas-White)#93493 (Gas-Metallic Slate)#83492 (Electric-White),#83493 (Electric-Metallic Slate)

PowerDry System: Optimizes heat and airflow for a cycle that runs hot and works hard to power out moisture from tough loads. This feature offers stepped drying, starting with high heat followed by medium heat for enhanced fabric care and energy savings.

Advanced Moisture Sensing: Three active sensors help the cycle automatically stop when fabrics are dry to help prevent overdrying. Four interior fins help clothes tumble freely instead of flattening out against the drum for even drying of both small and large loads.

Largest Loads, Evenly Dried:4 With a 7.4 cu. ft. capacity, there's plenty of room to get your largest loads
evenly dried.4

Refresh Cycle with Steam: Revives clothes without the need to rewash them, reducing wrinkles and removing
odors in as little as 20 minutes.

1Based on a 20-lb. load, among leading front-load brands, PowerWash cycle vs. comparable cycles
 and default settings.

2Compared to Normal cycle.

3Based on an 8-lb. load.

4Based on an 18-lb. load.

Check It Out

The size and electricity consumption of the fan used to pull fresh air into the washer on the Fresh
Hold option is comparable to the size and wattage of a cooling fan found in a desktop computer.