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Product Insight: Maytag Top-Load Laundry Pair


Maytag Top-Load Laundry Pair

The toughest loads are no match for this powerful Maytag® pair. It delivers tremendous power, unbeatable capacity and the best cleaning in the industry, driven by the PowerWash® system.1 See why you will love this laundry pair that's better built to handle your heavy-duty messes.

Common Features and Benefits

Unbeatable Capacity: This is Maytag brand's largest-capacity pair ever, designed to tackle your heaviest loads. The washer boats a massive 6.2 cu. ft. of space, which is enough to wash 76 T-shirts,2 and the dryer's extra-large 9.2 cu. ft. capacity gets it all dry.

Maytag Commercial Technology: This laundry pair features high-performance, commercial-grade parts that are built to last. The washer includes a 2x Life3 tested direct drive motor and commercial springs. The dryer features a high-torque motor, five-rib dryer belt and premium rollers.

10-Year Limited Parts Warranty:4 The direct drive motor and stainless steel wash basket are covered on the washer, and the drive motor and drum are backed on the dryer.

Product Specifications

Maytag Washer - #33912 (White), #33913 (Chrome Shadow)

PowerWash Cycle: Uses a combination of more wash action5 and heated water to remove everyday tough stains in a single wash.

PowerSpray: Boosts stain fighting by recirculating water and detergent from the bottom of the wash basket back on top of the laundry.

Optimal Dose Dispensers: Automatically release detergent, fabric softener and oxygenated additives at the right time for an outstanding cleaning performance.

Additional Feature

6.2 cu. ft. capacity

Maytag Electric Dryer - #63912 (White), #63913 (Chrome Shadow)
Maytag Gas Dryer - #73912 (White), #73913 (Chrome Shadow)

PowerDry Cycle: Runs hotter and works harder with optimized heat and airflow to power out moisture and dry tough loads faster.5

Advanced Moisture Sensing: Monitors inside moisture and air temperatures to help evenly and completely dry heavy loads.

Extra Interior Fin: Creates a random tumbling pattern and keeps clothes moving freely for less tangling and exceptional drying performance.

Additional Feature

9.2 cu. ft. capacity


1Based on an 18-lb. load, among leading top-load brands, PowerWash cycle versus comparable cycles and default settings.

2Men's large T-shirts.

3Based on time-accelerated, 20-year simulated testing, Normal cycle and average use.

4Visit for warranty details.

5Compared to Normal cycle.


Check it Out

This laundry pair comes from Ohio (the washer from Clyde and the dryer from Marion) and is designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.