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What are Kilowatt Hours per Year?

The specification kilowatt hours per year tells you approximately how much electricity an appliance uses each year. A kilowatt hour (kWh) is a unit of measurement for electricity; you'll probably see kilowatt hours written on the electricity meter in your back yard or basement.

By comparing the kWh per year of different appliances, you can find more efficient models. A top-load washer might use 450 kWh per year, for example, while a more efficient front-load washer might use only 150 kWh per year. More efficient appliances can be better for the environment and help reduce your electricity bill.

Why kWh per Year Matters to You

  • Knowing the kWh per year can help you estimate the impact on your electricity bill.
  • This statistic gives you an easy way to compare different appliance models.