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How to Dispose of a Car Battery

After installing a new car battery, there is always one final yet crucial step: disposing the old battery. While you can get away with throwing some automotive parts in the trash, car batteries have corrosive materials that require special treatment. Here are some ideas for getting that old car battery off your hands.

Car battery exchange

Local auto centers and repair shops usually allow you to exchange your old car battery for a new one. Some states have laws that actually add a surcharge when you buy a new battery without exchanging your old one. However, the fee is typically waved if you decide to tradein the old battery. Other auto centers might include special rebates, deals or incentives whenever youexchange a car battery.


Car battery recycling

Most old car batteries can be broken down to help produce new models. Since they can't be placed in your recycle bin at home, find an organization that holds events to recycle an old car battery for free.


Car battery disposal locations

While it might be tempting to just throw it in the trash, you might want to think twice. Since it contains harmful materials, some states have harsh penalties for simply tossing out an old car battery. Contact your local sanitation department or garbage collector to find car battery disposal sites in your area. Certain locations might charge a smallfee for taking the old battery.