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How to Store Sunglasses

If your collection of men's or women's sunglasses starts to pile up atop the dresser, it's time to consider some easy storage solutions. Keepnig a stylish pair of shades protected helps prevent scratched lenses or bent frames. Here are a few simple ways to store you sunglasses at home.


Choose a hanger with a thin bar or a pants hanger with multiple bars, and just hook on your sunglasses. This is a quick and easy way to keep your sunglasses organized and out of sight. Once all your shades are hung up, simply stow the hanger in the back of the closet, so your collection will no longer be sprawled out across the top of the dresser or nightstand.

Frame your Shades

When storing sunglasses with a picture frame, take out the glass and any other pieces. The only part you need for this method is the actual frame. From here, take a wire and secure it across from side to side. Glue both ends in place so that it has some slack. Depending on how large your frame is and how many pairs you have in your collection you may want to add more wires. This method also works well for jewelry and makes a lovely decorative bedroom piece.

Jewelry Tray

If you don't mind keeping your collection of women's or men's sunglasses out in the open, find a pretty jewelry tray to leave on the dresser. A tray allows you to keep sunglasses folded and neatly separated by liners in the tray. This is a cute way to show off your shades while storing them where they won't get scratched.

Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

Either repurpose an old over-the-door shoe rack or purchase a new one for this organization trick. After you hang up the rack, keep the cases for your sunglasses in the pockets and hang the sunglasses on the outside of the pouch. That way, when you're on the go you can just grab a pair and its case and go.