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Buying Kids' Jeans

Denim jeans are the great American wardrobe staple. While your son or daughter may not be able to wear jeans to formal events, they're a great everyday look for school days and casual weekend outings. There's a variety of cuts and styles that will ensure that you can find the one that will fit your child just right.

Why buy new jeans?

Eventually, you'll need to replace jeans that have been repeatedly repaired and patched.

Stock up on denim with various washes and colors ranging from black to white and every shade of blue in between, so your child can create a number of different looks.

Children grow at a rapid rate from one school year to the next, so you should purchase a pair one size up so they can grow into them.

Jeans are rugged pants made out of tough denim fabric, making them perfect long-lasting choice for kids who like to play rough-and-tumble.

Things to consider when buying kids' jeans


  • If your kid often plays outside, he or she may want a looser fitting pair that is sturdy enough to handle the wear and tearkids experience on the playground.
  • A darker wash will look best when your child needs to look a little more dressed up.
  • Brightly colored jeans allow your son or daughter to express themselves with their favorite colors and prints. They're perfect for school dances, weekend outings and concerts with their trendy and cool style.


  • Lined jeans keep your little one warm through the cold winter months, but still allow them to retain that stylish blue jean look.
  • For girls, capri-length jeans are great for cool summer evenings.They offer more coverage than shorts but won't be as hot as a full-length pair of jeans.
  • Light wash jeans are great for warm-weather days because they don't absorb as much heat from the sun compared to a dark wash. Lightwash jeans make it more comfortable for your child to play outside on a sunny day.

Styles of Jeans

Relaxed fit

This style is perfect for running, jumping and playing outside.The loose fit of relaxed jeans allows your child to be comfortable through an active day at school.

  • Thigh fit: Loose
  • Leg fit: Loose
  • Waist: Regular rise



Loose fits jeans are best for…

A kid whose favorite subject is recess: The extra room in the thigh and leg will allow for easy movement when running around the playground.

Lazy Sunday play dates: The roomy fit makes them comfortable for lounging around the house watching movies with friends.


As the name implies, bootcut jeans are made to fit over larger shoes.It's easy to fit a stylish pair of boots underneath the slightly flared leg of these jeans.

  • Thigh fit: Straight
  • Leg fit: Flares wider towards hem
  • Waist: Regular and low-rise



Bootcut jeans are best for…

Dressier events: Pair bootcut jeans in a dark wash with a niceshirt for a dressed up look that's still comfortable.


Kids wearing boots: When your daughter wants to wear a stylish pair of boots, the wider opening at the hem will rest smoothly over shoes with more substance.

Straight fit

If you're looking for a never-fail pair of jeans, look no further than the straight fit. Your son or daughter will appreciate the slim design, comfortable enough to wear all day at school.

  • Thigh fit: Straight
  • Leg fit: Straight or tapered
  • Waist: Regular, low and high rise



Straight-fit jeans are best for…

Every day wear: This classic style looks great with a casual tee or a formal blouse or polo.


Wearing with rain or snow boots: A tapered pair of straight jeans will fit easily into boots so your kids' jeans don't get dirty in bad weather.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans offer an on-trend appeal. This slim-cut style of denim makes it just as easy to dress up your child for a family party as it does to send them to school.

  • Thigh fit: Slim
  • Leg fit: Slim
  • Waist: Regular, low and high rise


Skinny jeans are best for…

Low-top sneakers: The slim leg of skinny jeans has a tight fit at the ankle, creating a clean and trendy look with sneakers.


Slim body types: For those with slim legs, a pair of skinny jeans will fit better without being baggy.

Bottom Line

There is a pair of jeans that is perfect for every body type. You can find different fits and cuts that will suit every aspect of your child's busy schedule. Dark-wash straight-leg jeans will look great with a button-down shirt when your son has a formal occasion, and your young daughter will love running around after school in relaxed fit jeans. The variety of options from light wash jeans to bright colors will increase the versatility of your child's wardrobe. Whether you they like fun prints or a classic dark wash, you'll be able to find a durable pair of jeans that will have a trendy look and a comfortable fit.