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Buying a Suit

No matter the age, every man should have a well-tailored suit as the staple piece in his closet. With a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics, it's easy to find one that fits your style. After measuring yourself, look for a design that has the closest fit to those measurements or have it tailored to better fit your body. Finding the perfect option starts by learning about the different types of suits and which characteristics that fit you best.


Types of Suits

Single-Breasted Suits

The single-breasted style suit is a sartorial staple. The buttons don't overlap like they do giving this design a more casual feel.

  • Perfect first suit - A single-breasted suit is approprirate for most dressy occasions and will look great on job interviews and at the office.
  • Versatility - You can dress it up with a bow-tie or dress it down with jeans, helping you get the most miles out of your investment.

Double-Breasted Suit

The jacket flaps of a double-breasted suit overlapwith two rows of buttons, whereas a single-breasted suit simply buttons the two sides together with one row of buttons.

  • Ideal for tall men - Since this design includes a jacket with more buttons, it can help elongate a tall man's frame.
  • Dressy events - Weddings and fancy evenings out are the perfect occasions to break out the double-breasted suit.

Blazers & Sport Coats

A blazer is a go-to piece in a wardrobe when you need to class up any outfit.

  • In-between events - Some events land in the middle of business casual and something more formal. Adding a sport coat will let you hit that middle ground without over or under dressing.
  • Separates - A blazer is tailored and styled to be worn with various pant and shirt combinations.This will give your wardrobe some flexibility, so you won't be nailed down to a strict suit combination.
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Suit Considerations


  • Wool - This is the heaviest and most used fabric. Wool retains its structure the most out of the three common fabric types.
  • Cotton - Cotton suits are slightly lighter and more comfortable in warmer conditions, but are less structured in style.
  • Linen - Linen suits are lightweight and the most comfortable to wear in hot weather, but these designs have a casual and unstructured look


To find the right size, measure the circumference of your chest, waist, shoulders and upper arms. Always measure at your widest points, so you have enough room. Then measure your height to determine the length of suit you need.

  • Short suits - These suits are for men ranging in height from 5 foot 4 inches to 5 foot 7 inches.
  • Regular suits - Tailored for those who are 5 foot 7.5inches to 5 foot 11 inches in height.
  • Long suits - Made for men 5 foot 11.5 inches to 6 foot 2.5 inches in height.
  • Extra-long suits - Best for guys who are 6 foot 3 inches and taller.


  • Windowpane plaid - This pattern consists of lines that make up an open check pattern reminiscent of a window hence the name windowpane plaid. One example of windowpane plaid is the typical pattern on a girls' plaid school uniform skirt.
  • Houndstooth - This two-colored design consists of solid and broken up checked squares to create a unique look.
  • Herringbone - Another two-colored pattern, herringbone has columns of stripes that are slanted inwards to create a v-shaped pattern.
  • Pinstripes - From far away a pinstripe suit looks as if it has very faint, thin lines running vertically throughout the entire suit. If you look closer, you'll notice that these lines are actually made up of tiny dots placed close enough together to appear solid at a distance.
  • Shadow stripes - The shadow stripe pattern boasts two-tone vertical stripesin similar colors so that they look more like shadows than multi-color stripes.
  • Chalk stripes - The chalk stripe pattern is made up of thin vertical lines, with a look similar to pinstripes but slightly more noticeable since they aresolid lines instead of dots.
  • Glen plaid - Glen plaid, otherwise known as the Prince of Wales check, is a mix of different patterns from houndstooth to striped zig-zagswith varying sizes to create a mixed-plaid look.