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How to Patch Jeans

Whether your favorite jeans are starting to get a hole, or your little ones ripped their jeans playing football on the playground or digging for buried treasure in the backyard, you don't have to throw them out yet. You can easily repair jeans with a patch so you can salvage your favorites and save money on replacement pairs.

What you'll need:

  • Patch material. You can find patches in similarly dyed denim at many craft stores. Purchase a bit more than you need, so you have extra in case you need to fix up any other small holes or tears.
  • Iron-on fabric adhesive. This can be found at most craft stores.
  • Iron and ironing board. You'll use an iron to apply the adhesive to the patch material and then to the pants themselves.

Step 1: Cut patch material.

Cut a square that is a half inch larger than the tear. This will make sure that you get complete coverage.


Step 2: Apply adhesive to patch.

Iron the adhesive onto the patch material. Only heat it for two seconds.


Step 3: Apply patch to hole.

Trim the excess adhesive off of the patch and then peel the paper backing off. Place the patch over the hole so that it is completely covered. Use your iron and heat the patch for four to six seconds.


Step 4: Test patch.

Let your patch cool and then check to make sure everything is secure. Move the material around to make sure no corners are loose. If so, reapply heat.