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Product Insight: NordicTrack & ProForm Indoor Cycles


Indoor NordicTrack and ProForm Cycles

Ideal for daily workouts or serious training, these NordicTrack and ProForm cycles have many adjustable features that can be customized to fit your fitness level or workout program.

Product Details

NordicTrack ABT Cycle - #21915

7" Full-Color Touchscreen - Lets you access training apps, watch HD videos and browse the Internet.

Adjustable Incline/Decline - Lets you adjust the intensity of your workouts.

32 Workouts Designed by a Certified Personal Trainer - Helps you reach your fitness goals. Each workout comes programmed with speed, incline and time settings.

24 Adjustable Resistance Levels - Allow you to build strength and endurance as you progress.

Silent Magnetic Resonance (SMR) - Ensures that every adjustment is quiet, smooth and natural.  


ProForm Le Tour de France - #21916

Quick Incline™ Controls - Let you adjust your bike's incline at the touch of a button to simulate terrain from an actual route.

Large LED Display - Makes it easy for you to keep track of your progress.

Access to Online Fitness Programs - With iFit® technology, you can connect your Bluetooth device to your machine for Google Maps training routes, an expansive library of training programs, automatic stats tracking and much more!

How About That!

The main difference between an indoor cycle and stationary exercise cycle is the indoor cycle has a flywheel that simulates momentum. It most closely resembles riding an outdoor bicycle. This feature prevents you from simply stopping the peddling motion once started, because the pedals are locked into the flywheel. This means there’s no coasting. To stop the pedals and flywheel once momentum has built up, you simply need to press down on the emergency brake that is on or next to the resistance handle.