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5 Intense Workouts You Can Do at Home

You've been skipping the gym, and there's no judgment here. Gyms can be expensive, and you just want to get in and out fast like everyone else. Fortunately, there is an easy solution. Save time and money by working out from the comfort of your home. Here are five intense workouts that will help you feel the burn or build serious strength.

Treadmill - Run Like You Mean It

By hopping on a treadmill, you can get in a hardcore cardio routine and burn plenty of calories. Many machines come with custom settings or pre-programmed workouts designed by fitness experts, so you get the best workout possible. If you're looking to increase intensity, consider doing more than a standard 5K jog. To do this, just run as fast as you can for 1 minute and then walk for 2 minutes. Repeat that cycle five times for a powerful 15-minute workout.

Kettlebell Deadlifts - Feel the Burn

Kettlebells not only help increase endurance, but they also help tone your body. Strengthen your back, glutes and hamstrings with the help of your hips. To set up, rest the kettlebells on each side of you then squat down and pick up the bells. Try to lift them up in two seconds and pause for one second when you reach the top. Then, return to the starting position in two seconds. Repeat this in a comfortable number of repetitions and sets depending on your skill level.

Yoga - Not Your Average Stretch

Assuming that yoga is a cake walk is a big mistake. When using the proper form, it's one of the most intense exercises available to you. Incorporating yoga into your daily life can help increase flexibility, build muscle strength and improve your posture. The best part is that it only requires light clothing and a yoga mat, so you can do it right from your living room or bedroom. Some people use instructional DVDs, but you can also find great videos and classes online. Once you're ready to kick it up a notch, add some yoga accessories like straps and rollers for more advanced movements.

Pushups - The Classic

There's a reason why the pushup is one of the most fundamental exercises in any routine. This traditional workout not only develops your upper body strength, but it also is great for your abs, hips and legs. Whether you choose to go with a wide or a narrow grip, make sure your hands are under your shoulders and don't flare your elbows out. Keep your body flat but tilt your pelvis backward. Remember to squeeze your glutes while going up and down. If you want to improve your form and grip, consider using handles or a pushup bar for added support.

Roll Outs - Craft Your Core

This beginner-friendly workout is perfect for the core. Best of all, you can do this comfortably from your living room floor with just an ab wheel. Begin by kneeling on the floor and, holding the handles, tighten your abs while extending out and pulling up. As long as you focus on your core during each rep, you're doing it correctly.