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How to Buy Golf Clubs for Beginners

The official rules of golf state that a player can carry up to 14 clubs in their bag. As a beginner, you won't need all 14 clubs, so your budget and golf bag won't be pro-size. In addition to choosing the correct types of clubs, you'll need to decide on shaft, length and weight. Here is what you should consider before buying golf clubs for beginners.

Choosing Beginner Clubs


A driver, also classified as a 3 wood, is what many golfers use to hit the ball off the tee. This club is essential for beginners because it provides the most distance for your ball. Consider a driver with an oversized club head that has a large hitting area if you're just starting out. This construction should help limit missed shots or mishits.

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are generally used for your second shot and are available in sizes 2-5. However, most beginners simply need a 3 and 5 woods to tackle long fairway shots. Since certain types of drivers are long and tricky to handle, some beginners might prefer using fairway woods for their initial shot off the tee.


Iron clubs are numbered 2-9, but beginners can get away with a 5, 7 and 9 iron in their first golf bags. The combination of these irons will allow golfers who are new to the game to hit shots from all areas of the course onto the green. A 5, 7 and 9 iron should tackle long, mid-range and short fairway shots, respectively.



Wedges are specialty clubs that are used for short, challenging shots onto the green. A pro or scratch golfer might carry up to four different wedges in their bag, but a beginner can just carry a pitching wedge for the rough and a sand wedge for sand traps.


Assuming you don't get a hole-in-one or chip the ball into the hole, you'll need a putter to roll or push the ball from the green into the hole. Putter club heads come in different styles, but beginners should consider mallet-head options since they have a bigger surface area


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What to Consider

Choose the Right Shaft

Golf club shafts are typically constructed from graphite or steel. Graphite models tend to be more flexible, making them more suitable for beginners, juniors, women and senior golfers. When choosing the shaft style for beginner sets, look for graphite shafts with regular stiffness.

Consider Club Length and Weight

Men's golf clubs are usually heavier than women's and children's clubs, but remember that lighter options can compensate for a lack of strength. Men's clubs are also about an inch longer than women's clubs. If you’re a beginner, make sure the length and weight suit your size and strength appropriately.

Test out Your Clubs

If possible, try out your new clubs before buying them. Whether you’re at the driving range or a sporting goods store, practicing a few swings should help you decide if the clubs feel right. Some pro shops even measure you to determine which sizes are best for your height or frame.

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