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Men's vs. Women's Golf Clubs

Female golfers tend to have smaller stature than their male counterparts, so women's golf clubs are made to be smaller, lighter and more flexible than men's golf clubs. Regardless of your gender, swing style and body size are the most important factors in determining which clubs are right for you. If possible, visit a professional club fitter before deciding upon men's or women's clubs.

Men's Golf Clubs

Women's Golf Clubs





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Men's Golf Clubs

Advantages of Men's Golf Clubs

  • Longer Shaft - Because men are typically taller than women, men's golf clubs are up to two inches longer than women's.
  • Thicker Grips - Thicker and longer grips allow men's larger hands to keep a firm hold on the club.
  • Less Flex - Stiffer clubs offer more swing control than flexible clubs.

Limitations of men's golf clubs

  • Smaller Club Heads - Smaller club heads offer less impact area and are less forgiving.
  • Requires More Power - Since men's golf clubs tend to be less flexible, they require more powerful swings to send the ball farther.

Women's Golf Clubs

Advantages of women's golf clubs

  • Larger Club Heads - Larger club heads offer more impact area and are more forgiving.
  • More Flex - More flexible clubs generate more power at impact without having to swing as hard.
  • Thinner Grips - Thinner and shorter grips allow women's smaller hands to keep a firm hold on the club.
  • Shorter Shaft - Because women are typically shorter than men, women's golf clubs are made up to two inches shorter than men's.

Limitations of women's golf clubs

  • Reduced Control - Flexible women's clubs offer less swing control than stiffer men's clubs.
  • Lighter Weight - Women with larger frames may need to play with men's clubs to generate more swing power.