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What is Hydro Cotton?

Hydro cotton uses a particular weaving process by which the fabric’s yarn has either a low twist count or untwisted loops. This method increases the surface area of the individual fibers, resulting in a much more absorbent textile. Ideal for bath towels, rugs, robes and similar home goods, this weaving method is commonly found in higher-end products. Hydro cotton can be made from long staple fibers, which can rival the softness and luxurious feel of premium Egyptian or Pima cottons.

There is a special varation called Hygro® cotton. This option uses a proccess that creates yarn with a hollow core, which regulates temperature and absorbs moisture better than standard Hydro cotton and other fibers. The unique spinning technology also causes items to grow softer over time.

Benefits of Hydro Cotton

  • The fabric softness can increase over time with proper washings unless fabric softener is used. Too much softener can decrease the natural absorbency of cotton in addition to the absorbency of the weave.
  • The weaving method creates a plush, fluffy texture with an increased surface area that is perfect for drying off quickly.
  • It can be blended with various types of cotton in a wide variety of items.
  • Hygro® Cotton is designed to be more absorbent and get softer over time.