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What is Ring Spun Cotton?

Ring spun cotton has a more luxurious feel and a stronger weave than regular cotton fabric due to the spinning during its production process. Standard cotton material is produced by twisting plant fibers together to form a yarn, which is then woven together to form a fabric. Ring spun cotton, on the other hand, is produced by continuously spinning the plant fibers together to form a smoother, finer rope, resulting in a softer feel and stronger material. The fine rope is then woven to create fabric, which creates a tighter, more durable knit than standard cotton can produce. Ring spun cotton is used to make a wide variety of apparel and household goods, such as t-shirts, jeans, bedding, bath towels and more.

Benefits of Ring Spun Cotton

  • Ring spun cotton feels soft and smooth due to its refined production process.
  • Its construction creates a stronger, tighter fabric weave that still feels lightweight and breathable.
  • Because of the tighter knit, ring spun fabric is more durable than standard cotton
  • This type of cotton is great for products like towels, bed sheets or clothing that are frequently washed and worn.